10.10.2016. New arrivals on clothing and garment products from Nepal.
14.10.2016. Hemp product demand are on rise, choose your favorite hemp fiber made natural products.
20.10.2016. We delivery to USA, UK, Australia and other countries in Europe, Asia & Africa.

Recycled Silk Yarn

Silk is one of the top-most materials there is and it is quite expensive. Here we give you the recycled silk yarn which matches the quality of the silk. We ensure that we only pick the finest portions that are spun by proficient Nepali women. The yarns are perfectly spun giving them a soft and glistening texture. Our yarns are elegant with reasonable prices. These are ideal for felting, knitting, making scarves, attractive lingerie and more.

Our yarn products are 100% environment friendly. We offer wide range of Nepalese handmade fiber yarn with different colors. All these fiber yarn are made in Nepal and are exported globally.

Be happy with us.