10.10.2016. New arrivals on clothing and garment products from Nepal.
14.10.2016. Hemp product demand are on rise, choose your favorite hemp fiber made natural products.
20.10.2016. We delivery to USA, UK, Australia and other countries in Europe, Asia & Africa.

About our company

The Nepal 1 Craft Centre is a group of companies that manufacture and export quality products at wholesale prices all over the world. All our products are environmentally friendly and do not cause deforestation, but in fact help reduce it. We manufacture unique products at a high standard of quality. All our products are made by skilled workers. We select our sources carefully to ensure that they are 100% free of child labor.

Our Philosophy :

We mainly concentrate on promotion of Nepalese handmade craft products to encourage and develop the skills and lifestyle of people from the hilly and mountainous regions. We employ as many workers as possible from different economic levels, but most particularly village women and we offer them various benefits such as health-care and education for their children. We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits.